Our Investment Team

Ray Saedi, BAcc&Fin, RG146
Executive Fund Manager | Vice President

M: 0452 665 992     P: 02 8358 9183
E: RayS@maxironwealth.com.au

Ray, with over 10 years in financial services, is known for his leadership and team collaboration skills. His investment expertise has led to a track record of exceptional results and strategic insights, always focused on client goals. Committed to investor education and personalised service, he excels in navigating market dynamics.

John Le, Dip Financial Planning, RG146
Senior Fund Manager | Assistant Vice President

M: 0478 885 202     P: 02 8358 9184
E: JohnL@maxironwealth.com.au

John Le is a professional with over 20 years of experience in the investment industry. With his extensive expertise, John brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success. John's deep understanding of the financial markets, combined with his ability to identify unique opportunities, will undoubtedly enhance in providing exceptional service and assist clients in portfolio growth.

Jason Kao, BAsian, MBus, RG146
Senior Fund Manager | Assistant Vice President

M: 0479 070 292    P: 02 8358 9182
E: JasonK@maxironwealth.com.au

Jason is a seasoned fund manager with over 13 years of prior experience in property-related investment, sales, and management businesses for high-net-worth clients throughout Sydney and Regional NSW. His commitment to excellence and dedication to building long-term relationships has been instrumental in helping clients achieve their financial goals. Jason is excited to leverage his expertise and drive to generate significant value for his clients and their investments.

Lino Abruzzese, RG146
Business Development Manager

M: 0413 492 165
E: linoa@maxironpremium.com.au

Lino, our esteemed Business Development Manager, brings a wealth of over 35 years in the banking, finance, and mortgage sectors. His expertise is instrumental in forging strong relationships with business partners, enhancing our network and expanding our reach in the investment fund industry. Lino's deep understanding of property-related investment and management is key to our strategy in offering tailored investment solutions. He is renowned for his exceptional commercial insight and dedicated work ethic. Lino plays a critical role in our team, leading initiatives to drive business growth and effectively managing teams across Australia and internationally. His approach is fundamental in aligning our services with the financial goals of our investors, ensuring mutual growth and success.

Divya Devaki, MBA, BBA, RG146
Business Analyst & Support

M: 0413 492 165
E: Investor@maxironwealth.com.au

Divya is a passionate and solution-driven individual with over 6 years of combined experience in not only client-based roles, but customer excellence as well. Divya likes to be able to see a direct relationship between her efforts and the company's success and is a Master of Business Analyst. She is well versed in the implementation of operational assessments and conducting functional requirements analysis for the business to streamline our current internal processes. Divya’s personal performance extends to her mantra "It’s not how you start the race; it’s how you finish"

Shorav Chettri, BSc, RG146
Business Manager & Compliance

M: 02 8358 9186
E: Investor@maxironwealth.com.au

Highly Motivated and Progress focused person with a long-standing background in Operations, Process Management and Business Development. 24 years of experience with a track record of unique planning and Practical Implementation Abilities.

Our Lending Team

Iman Asadi, MBA (Finance), Dip (FNS, FMBM), RG146

M: 0451 366 883    
E: Iman@maxironcapital.com.au

Iman is a Director of Lending and a member of the Credit Committee. With more than 20 years of experience in operation, financial, leadership, business development and sales management. He is a strategic thinker focusing on identifying opportunities to add value and finding the best financial solution for clients. Iman is responsible for leading a united and high-performing team across the lending department, overseeing business compliance, and developing the product offering. He is passionate about continual business improvement through facilitating a supportive and collaborative company culture and searching for ways to improve how we provide services to our stakeholders.

Zakariah Rahman, 12 Years Of Experience In Banking and Private Lending
Lending Executive

M: 0478 887 917    
E: Zakariah@maxironcapital.com.au

With over 12 years of experience in Banking and Private Lending, Zakariah has extensive knowledge and expertise in meeting client’s needs. Specialising in the commercial space and facilitating loans with various broker channels, Zakariah has built a great portfolio with brokers spanning many professional industries. By putting the client at centre of his focus, this enables him to deliver the best outcome for all scenarios no matter the complexity for the best possible result.

Nelson Marques, Dip (FNS, FMBM), FBAA Member
Lending Manager

M: 0466 554 804    
E: Nelson@maxironcapital.com.au

Nelson brings over 15 years of experience in the finance and mortgage industry, excels in building exceptional client relationships, and offers optimal solutions tailored to the clients. His comprehensive understanding of the industry and commitment to staying current with trends enables him to provide relevant guidance across various areas, such as mortgage planning, loan structuring, and financial strategies. Nelson’s expertise allows him to create tailored solutions that address clients’ unique personal and financial goals.

Max Tang, Bachelor of Commerce
Lending Manager / BDM

M: 0450 407 923    
E: Max@Maxironcapital.com.au

Max has amassed a decade of experience in the real estate and finance industries, assisting hundreds of thousands of clients in achieving their financial objectives. Having worked at some of the largest financial institutions, Max has forged solid connections with a diverse range of professionals, including bankers, brokers, accountants, and solicitors. His areas of expertise span from residential and commercial lending to wealth planning and investment. With a commitment to excellence, Max's guiding principle is to be recognized as the most knowledgeable and approachable lender in the market.

Primary Securities Directors

Robert Garton Smith, LLB, B Com, GdipFinPlanning (Sec Inst), F Fin
Chair of Primary Securities Ltd

Robert Garton Smith is the Chair of Primary Securities Ltd and has been its responsible manager in relation to managed investments since inception. Robert has degrees in law, commerce and financial planning and is a legal practitioner and a registered tax (financial) advisor. Robert is a member of the Law Society of Western Australia and the Australian Compliance Institute and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia and the Association of Financial Advisors. He has worked in the area of managed investments since 1981 and has prepared and overseen dozens of managed investment schemes relating to financial assets, derivatives, property, property developments, mortgages, film, forestry, and other investments.

Natasha Olsen, LLB
Managing Director of Primary Securities Ltd

Natasha has a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Notre Dame University and was admitted to practice law by the Supreme Court of Western Australia in November 2015. Natasha is a member of the Law Society of Western Australia. With the exception of two years in London, Natasha has been employed by Primary since its formation and has considerable experience of all aspects of the business.

Toni Smith
Director of Primary Securities Ltd

Toni Smith is the manager of the Willmott Forests 1995-1999 Project. Toni has worked in the agricultural sector for over 20 years, having led several productive agricultural projects including forestry, broadacre cropping and livestock production. Toni has extensive skills across rural land acquisition and financial management as well as practical farm and plantation management capabilities which ensure the performance of operations.