Since inception in 2002, Maxiron Group’s goal has been to improve the WealthBeing™ of every day Australians.

Maxiron Monthly Income Trust (the Trust) offers a smart and hassle-free way to boost your money. If you are looking for a stable investment that offers a competitive return, the Trust might be right for you.

The Trust is an indirectly pooled mortgage scheme that provides investors with a competitive return via secured registered mortgages over Australian properties.

Setup an investment in 5 minutes by investing as little as $5,000 and receive a fixed monthly return to you; it’s that simple.


Minimum Amount
Maximum Amount
Flexible Term
3 months to 3 years
Funds are indirectly diversified into a pool of mortgages backed by Australian real estate with loan to value ratio under 80%.
Entry Fee
Management Fee
Exit Fee
We don’t believe in overcharging members

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Interest Rate

Annual Rate
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
24 Months
36 Months

Rates shown are effective from 1st September 2021. The rates are net of all fees and charges. Interest is paid monthly. Rates are subject to change (for new investments only) and any changes will be published on our website. Current rates can be confirmed by calling us.

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$5,000 $1,000,000

Term: months

3 months 36 months

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