The Story

Since inception, the Group has completed mortgages involving multimillion dollar worth of property, and has worked hard to try and improve the well-being of many clients.

The Group has an experienced team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds including banking, investment, management consulting, funds management, accounting, taxation and business advisory.

The Beginning

Like many every day Aussies, the founder of the Group faced the dilemma of wealth building: whether to invest in real estate, buy shares or invest in other ventures.

Real estate is expensive to buy, and in a scenario where rent can’t cover the mortgage interest, the investor must contribute income to it; resulting in a tighter family budget.

Shares are unpredictable, and the daily volatility often causes investors unnecessary stress.

The Solution

Maxiron Monthly Income Trust was set up to offer a real alternative to every day Australians. Subject to the PDS’s risk factors, it offers a competitive rate with a monthly interest payout.

Competitive returns are generated by the Group investing indirectly into Commericial loans mainly backed by Second Mortgages over Australian real estate with loan to value ratio under 80%.

The Trust is registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with Australian registered scheme number being 618 038 609.

The Trust is audited annually by an external auditor, and is overseen by Primary Securities Ltd who is the responsible entity.

Our Support for Charities

The Starvation Army
Heart Foundation
National Breast Cancer Foundation
Save The Children
Make A Wish

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Trusted Memberships

Fintech Australia
Fintech Australia

The Responsible Entity

The Responsible Entity of the Trust is Primary Securities Ltd ABN 96 089 812 635 (Primary).

Primary is a licensed responsible entity which holds AFSL No. 224107 and is the responsible entity for several registered retail managed investment schemes including mortgage and loan schemes, as well as being trustee of many wholesale schemes Primary Securities Ltd has the primary responsibility to operate the Trust and the Classes and to perform functions conferred on it by the Constitution and the Corporations Act.

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The Custodian

Sandhurst Trustees established in 1888 and is part of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's wealth division and is a highly regarded financial services provider, offering a wide range of products and services including:

  • investments and funds management;
  • superannuation;
  • access to funeral bonds;
  • the management of estates and trusts, and
  • the provision of corporate trustee and custodial services

Sandhurst Trustees has become a modern, full service wealth manager renowned for its customer service excellence and integrity.

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Our Investment Team

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Ray Saedi, BAcc&Fin, RG146
Senior Fund Manager | Assistant Vice President

M: 0452 665 992     P: 02 8358 9183

Within the firm’s Asset Management Division, Ray manages the day-to-day portfolios of investors ranging from retail to sophisticated both in educating and servicing investor’s needs. Ray’s focus is to build, maintain and support the growth of investors’ portfolios. Loyal to his mantra “Make your savings work for you Not against you”.

Jason Kao, BAsian, MBus, RG146
Fund Manager | Associate Vice President

M: 0479 070 292    P: 02 8358 9182

A committed fund manager with over 13 years of prior experience in property-related investment, sales, and management businesses for high-net-worth clients throughout Sydney and Regional NSW.

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Divya Devaki, MBA, BBA, RG146
Business Analyst & Support

M: 0413 492 165

Divya is a passionate and solution-driven individual with over 6 years of combined experience in not only client-based roles, but customer excellence as well. Divya likes to be able to see a direct relationship between her efforts and the company's success and is a Master of Business Analyst. She is well versed in the implementation of operational assessments and conducting functional requirements analysis for the business to streamline our current internal processes. Divya’s personal performance extends to her mantra "It’s not how you start the race; it’s how you finish"

Shorav Chettri, BSc
Business Manager & Compliance

M: 02 8358 9186

Highly Motivated and Progress focused person with a long-standing background in Operations, Process Management and Business Development. 24 years of experience with a track record of unique planning and Practical Implementation Abilities.